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Orthopedic footwear is specialized footwear designed to provide support, stability, and comfort for individuals with foot, ankle, or lower limb problems. These shoes are crafted to alleviate pain, reduce discomfort, and promote proper foot alignment and function. Orthopedic footwear is often recommended or prescribed by healthcare professionals such as podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, or physical therapists for individuals with various foot conditions or those who require extra support due to medical issues or injuries.

Key features of orthopedic footwear may include:

  1. Arch Support: Orthopedic shoes often feature built-in arch support to help distribute weight evenly across the foot and provide relief for individuals with fallen arches (flat feet) or high arches.
  2. Cushioning and Padding: These shoes are equipped with ample cushioning and padding to absorb shock and reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the foot, such as the heels and balls of the feet.
  3. Wide Toe Box: Orthopedic footwear typically offers a wide toe box to accommodate foot deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, or swelling associated with conditions like arthritis.
  4. Firm Heel Counter: A firm heel counter provides stability and helps control excessive foot motion, which can be beneficial for individuals with overpronation (inward rolling of the foot) or supination (outward rolling of the foot).
  5. Removable Insoles: Many orthopedic shoes feature removable insoles, allowing individuals to insert custom orthotics or accommodative inserts prescribed by their healthcare provider for personalized support and comfort.
  6. Adjustable Straps or Laces: Adjustable straps, buckles, or laces enable users to customize the fit of the shoes, accommodating changes in foot size or shape throughout the day.

Orthopedic footwear is available in a variety of styles, including sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, and boots, allowing individuals to find options that suit their lifestyle and preferences while addressing their specific foot health needs. While orthopedic shoes are designed primarily for therapeutic purposes, advancements in design and materials have made them more stylish and aesthetically appealing in recent years, catering to a broader range of consumers.

The members of this company are people linked to health, therapeutic, corrective footwear, etc. for many years. for both ladies, gentlemen and children. (with participation and interests in several companies in the area).
Alicante, the birthplace of footwear in Spain, which today looks to the future through innovation, quality and excellence, is a benchmark for this industry both nationally and internationally. Our shoemaking tradition represents a plus in quality. Lasts that fit well, top quality materials, precision manufacturing work on the finest tips and exquisite designs are the trademark of the house.

We have studied the needs of different groups (diabetics, healthcare workers, sensitive feet, etc.) to select almost all the footwear models necessary to cover the greatest number of therapeutic needs. We have also developed a solution that includes footwear and cosmetics. Footwear designed to eliminate pressure in the areas most susceptible to pain and provide well-being, comfort, protection and convenience to the foot. More cosmetic treatment products specialized in foot care and hygiene, based on plant active ingredients in ecological microcapsules. The microcapsules release the plant extracts of Mediterranean medicinal plants from the inside when they come into contact with the skin, exerting a beneficial effect.

Private Label Spanish Shoe factory
osthopedics shoe factory spain

The components of lavender are:

– Essential oil rich in camphor linalool citronellol d-limonene geraniol ,  borneol eucalyptol nerol d-bornelo farnesene sabinene alpha-pinene beta-phellandrene cineole (flowers) – Tannins (flowers) – Saponins (flowers)

– Acids: caproic butyric coumaric isobutyric rosmarinic and ursolic.

– Benzopyrones: Coumarins.

Medicinal properties.

From a medicinal point of view, the traditional uses of lavender have been very broad throughout history. As a painkiller, antiseptic, sleeping pill, digestive, vulnerary, etc. Its properties have been widely recognized. Lavender flowers or essential oil are used:

Heal wounds and improve skin condition:

Mainly cineol linalool geraniol limonene and sabinene give it antiseptic properties that make it very effective in the external treatment of skin lesions.

At the same time, its richness in tannins provides it with very interesting astringent properties to prevent or cure the condition of the skin.

Pain treatment

This oil is rich in ethers and alcohols ( linalool citronellol geraniol borneol alpha-pinene,… ) with anti-inflammatory and sedative properties that make it very suitable for the treatment of pain. Preparations with lavender for the treatment of pain can be used in situations with:

Rheumatic pain.
Lumbar pain.
or Torticollis.
Foot pain.

A few drops of lavender oil in a basin of hot water can be used to relax the feet and reduce fatigue. This same effect is produced with a couple of drops inside the shoe, it helps to rest and relax the foot during the day.

To remedy microbial diseases

Its antiviral, antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties have been demonstrated in vitro, proving effective in the elimination and inhibition of many bacteria and viruses responsible for respiratory diseases. In external use:

Athlete's foot: scrubbing with lavender oil with a traditional remedy against foot fungus, as well as applying a few drops to the inside of shoes, prevents their proliferation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthopedic Footwear Private Label Spanish Factory

What is an orthopedic footwear private label factory?

An orthopedic footwear private label factory is a manufacturing facility specializing in the production of orthopedic shoes under the branding of another company or entity. These factories craft orthopedic footwear according to the specifications, designs, and branding requirements provided by the client.

What types of orthopedic footwear can be produced by a private label factory?

Private label factories can produce various types of orthopedic footwear, including orthopedic sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, boots, and specialized orthopedic footwear for specific medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or plantar fasciitis.

Do orthopedic footwear private label factories offer customization options?

Yes, many orthopedic footwear private label factories offer customization options to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients. This may include customizable features such as adjustable straps, removable insoles for orthotics, various widths, and specialized materials to accommodate foot deformities or medical conditions.

What materials are commonly used in orthopedic footwear production?

Orthopedic footwear is often crafted using high-quality materials such as soft leather, breathable mesh, durable rubber outsoles, and cushioned insoles with shock-absorbing properties. These materials are selected to provide optimal support, comfort, and durability for individuals with foot health issues.

Can private label factories assist with design and development of orthopedic footwear?

Yes, many orthopedic footwear private label factories offer design and development services to assist clients in creating customized orthopedic shoe designs. They may provide expertise in ergonomic design, material selection, prototyping, and testing to ensure that the footwear meets the desired specifications and standards.

What is the manufacturing process for orthopedic footwear in a private label factory?

The manufacturing process for orthopedic footwear in a private label factory typically involves several stages, including design consultation, pattern making, material sourcing, sample production, quality control testing, and mass manufacturing. The factory works closely with the client throughout each stage to ensure that the final product meets their requirements and specifications.


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